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Wish List Items
Your generosity provides us the opportunity to save money on things and use it to develop our members! Thank you so much for your willingness to give.

Office Supplies
• computers
• iPads
• printers & ink cartridges
• white copy paper
• ink pens
• pencils
• behavioral health videos


Arts & Crafts
• crayons
• tempura & acrylic paints
• paintbrushes
• smocks
• scissors
• glue or glue sticks
• felt tipped markers
• construction paper
• feathers
• glitter 

• administration volunteers
• drivers (and a van)
• addictions counsellors

• individually wrapped snacks
• fruit cups
• beverages
• bottled water

Monetary Donations
On Our Own, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Donation Amount:
Ο $25
Ο $50
Ο $75
Ο $100
Ο $250
Ο $500
Ο $1000

Ο monthly gift
Ο one-time gift
Ο planned giving 


Payment Method:
Ο Visa Ο MasterCard Ο Discover Ο American Express Ο PayPal  

Membership Application

To be a voting member of On Our Own, Inc. you must:
* Be a mental health consumer.
* Have been in a psychiatric hospital or have received psychiatric care for at least 24 hours.
* Pay annual membership dues of $5.00 or volunteer for the organization for at least 15 hours of operational center time.
* Attend at least six of the twelve annual membership meetings at any center location.

Friends of On Our Own, Inc. are people who support the goals of the organization. The fee is $15.00.

To be a corporate member of On Our Own, Inc., the fee is $35.00.

To be an honorary philanthropist of On Our Own, Inc., the fee is $100.00 or more.

To join at any of these levels, please fill in the following form and submit payment electronically.


You may also print a copy of the application and mail it, along with payment, to:
On Our Own, Inc.
6301 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD  21214