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One Voice Dundalk, Recovery Community Center

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The One Voice Dundalk Recovery Community Center proudly provides peer recovery support services for persons with substance use disorders.

Our mission is to:
• promote recovery through peer mentoring
• remove barriers to recovery
• encourage hope, optimism, and healthy living in a safe environment

Our daily activities include:
• support groups
• educational activities
• wellness workshops
• presentations
• alcohol/drug free social activities
• leisure activities
• monthly birthday celebrations

One on one peer support services are available throughout operational hours.

The One Voice Dundalk Recovery Community Center is a free service which promotes recovery through advocacy, support, education, and service including:
• coordinating and linking people to services and resources
• providing peer support services
• reaching out to the community to promote recovery
• offering holistic support to the recovering person

Peer specialists at the community center draw from their own experience to provide practical skill building support and opportunities for others. Our peer delivered services aim to help people initiate and sustain long-term recovery while gaining overall wellness through:
• education, workshops, and resource identification
• recovery coaching or mentoring
• 24 hour warm-line calls/information and referral
• volunteer training opportunities
• life skills
• family education programs